Comanche County Courthouse

Comanche County Courthouse

1st Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1856
County Seat: Cora
Present Status: Existing. Museum.
Building Materials/Description: Vernacular, log cabin. Hand-hewn log construction 12′-10″ x 12′-7″ and walls 7′-0″ tall. The building had a board “side room” and one stone chimney. The building served as the courthouse for approximately two years. 1985: Moved to town square in Comanche and used as museum.

2nd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1876
County Seat: Comanche
Present Status: Gone. Burned.
Architect: Martin & Moodie
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
General Contractor: Martin & Moodie
Building Materials/Description: 2 story, rectangular, red brick. Cost to build: $12,000

3rd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1890
County Seat: Comanche
Present Status: Gone.
Architect: Jacob Larmour
Architectural Firm: Larmour & Watson
Architectural Style: Renaissance Revival
Building Materials/Description: Stone, similar to Milam 1892. 3 story. Cost to build: $76,000

4th Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1939
County Seat: Comanche
Present Status: Existing. Active.
Architect: Wyatt C. Hedrick
Architectural Style: Moderne
General Contractor: Tom Pate, assisted by E.E. Gage, Comanche; WPA
Building Materials/Description: Stone, WPA, $195,000. 3-story building with basement was constructed of native stone quarried about 6 miles west of Comanche. Carved eagles rest above the four entrances to the building.


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July 17, 2017