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You have just arrived at the premier web site for images of all 254 active courthouses in the State of Texas as well as any retired Texas courthouses that still stand today. We at TexasCourthouses.com put several thousand miles on our vehicles and burned several hundred tanks of gasoline to pictorially document these fabulous structures. While traveling across the expansive 266,807 square miles of Texas was no easy feat, it was an incredibly enjoyable and adventurous task, and we highly recommend taking the time to visit these icons of justice.

Courthouse Gallery – 254 Reasons to Travel Texas

Historical Photos

As we traveled the state we also took notice of other historic buildings that are either architecturally interesting or artistically pleasing, so we made room for these new additions within our web site situated under four new menu headings; Historic Jails, Historic Churches, Historic Bridges and Historic Theaters have been added to our Texas Courthouses. Make sure that you include these on your travel itinerary too when traversing the state!

Our Mission

To promote commerce in small town Texas by encouraging travel and tourism to the state’s unique historical and cultural landmarks via Heritage Tourism.

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Wood County Courthouse in Quitman, Texas

Wood County Courthouse

Quitman, Texas

Atascosa County is representative of Texas Courthouses.

Atascosa County Courthouse

Jourdanton, Texas

Knox County Courthouse in Benjamin, Texas

Knox County Courthouse

Benjamin, Texas

Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth, Texas

Tarrant County Courthouse

Fort Worth Texas

Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio, Texas

Bexar County Courthouse

San Antonio, Texas

San Saba County Courthouse in San Saba, Texas

San Saba County Courthouse

San Saba, Texas

Bosque County Courthouse in Meridian, Texas

Bosque County Courthouse

Meridian, Texas

Texas Courthouse in Deaf Smith Countyhttp://texascourthouses.handsomeweb.net/wp-admin/post.php?post=30335&action=edit#

Deaf Smith County

Hereford, Texas

Say ‘Hi’ to Mom and Pop

Enjoy your virtual tour of historic Texas as you navigate our website and don’t forget that when you hit the open road, to stop in and say “howdy” to mom and pop, as we know that they are waiting to greet you with a warm Texas welcome! Trust us when we say that they are as big a part of Texas as the architecture and history of Texas itself.

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Heritage Tourism

We support and promote Heritage Tourism at Texascourthouses.com.
What is Heritage Tourism you might ask? Heritage Tourism embodies the goals of preservation and tourism. It uses assets – historic, cultural and natural – that already exist. Rather than creating and building attractions, destinations loom into the past to help create a sustainable future. So, creating a dynamic travel experience lives on in the stories and structures of the past.

Your Comments, Suggestions, and Photos

Please note that we continually modify this site with new images of restored courthouses, but if you see one that might be out of date, please be patient with us as we travel, take pictures and update the photographs. And feel free to send us an email with your comments about our web site to let us know what we could do to better meet your needs. Also, let us know about any buildings that should be included in one of our galleries. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not accept any 3rd party photographs due to ownership and copyright issues, but we might pursue this avenue in the future. So with this said, we would love to take a look at your pictures, but posting them on our website is not feasible at this time.