Oldham County Courthouse

Oldham County Courthouse

1st Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1884
County Seat: Tascosa
Present Status: Existing. Museum at Cal Farley’s Boy’s Ranch
Building Materials/Description: Two story sandstone building. The building has a gable roof and a stone porch that stretches the length of the front. The windows were originally double hung in a six over six configuration.

2nd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1915
County Seat: Vega
Present Status: Existing. Part of 1967 courthouse.
Architectural Style: Classical Revival
Building Materials/Description: Brick, 2-story, $35,000

3rd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1967
County Seat: Vega
Present Status: Existing. Active.
Architect: O.G. Roquemore
Architectural Style: Moderne
Building Materials/Description: Brick.


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July 18, 2017