Coke County Courthouse

Coke County Courthouse

1st Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1889
County Seat: Hayrick
Present Status: Gone

2nd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1891
County Seat: Robert Lee
Present Status: Gone. Demolished 1955
Architect: Oscar
Architectural Style: Second Empire
General Contractor: Martin, Byrnes & Johnson
Building Materials/Description: The Ruffini Collection in San Angelo holds an undated copy of courthouse specifications for the Coke County Courthouse in Robert Lee, Texas identifing Oscar Ruffini as the “architect & superintendent”. The 1889 courthouse was located in Hayrick so these specifications could only be for the 1891 courthouse, if in fact this Ruffini design was even constructed. The 1891 building was Second Empire Style as was typical for Ruffini at that time but looks “blocky” and may have had an a-typical (for Oscar Ruffini) central tower. There is, however, a section by F. E. Ruffini through an unidentified courthouse with a central tower in the collection as well.

3rd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1956
County Seat: Robert Lee
Present Status: Existing. Active.
Architect: Wyatt C. Hedrick
Architectural Style: Moderne
General Contractor: Suggs Construction Company
Building Materials/Description: Brick. Cost to build: $300,000


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July 17, 2017